Mr. Jamin & Cieu

CIEU : Combining a strong technique and a fun taste for derision, Cieu’s work definitely represents the happy arm of contemporary art. Cieu’s work revolves around several worlds from which he takes what he likes best: graffiti, pastel portraitures, pin up posters, collages, … Cieu takes it all and composes imaginary scenes that free our imaginations and allow us a glimpse of Cieu’s vison of contemporary romanticism.
Cieu was born in 1979 .He came to art on the street through graffiti painting then studied theater in famous French class “Cours Florent” in Paris. “This was as much discipline I could get” he explains with humor. From this era, Cieu keeps a strong taste for dramatic titles to his paintings. Naïf, cutting edge, colorful and fun, Cieu resembles his work (or the other way around).
Mr. Jamin doesn’t just paint, he fights. Every brushstroke matters to win his battle. Once the painting is over though, the poetry arises and strikes with tenderness,humor, delicate lightness and agility. Frenetic, Jamin almost paints night and day.He only stops when absolutely exhausted. Determined to keep making progess and find is own pictural voice, Jamin explores and searches nonstop. This is one of his most obvious strength and probably the reason why so many people trust him to embody the success story he has now been writing with his brushes for two years.

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